Dan Nowacki

I’m an oceanographer, currently with the U.S. Geological Survey in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. I received my Ph.D. from the School of Oceanography (Sediment Dynamics Group) at the University of Washington in Seattle. My M.S.E. is in Civil & Environmental Engineering (UW-EFM), also from the UW. Previously, I was a hydrologist at the USGS’s National Research Program in Reston, VA. I was born and raised in the state of Maine.


Generally, I am interested in the sediment transport and morphology of coastal and riverine systems. I’m currently involved with studies in Jamaica Bay and Great South Bay, NY; Grand Bay, AL/MS; Chincoteague Bay, MD/VA; and the Amazon River, Brazil. Past study sites include the tidal Mekong River, Vietnam; Willapa Bay, WA; the Columbia River, WA; and the Florida Everglades. I’ve also been part of studies on the New Zealand continental shelf and other interesting places around the world.

In addition to these active field programs, I use various numerical models to answer scientific questions about sediment transport, wave interaction with vegetation, coastal vulnerability and resilience, and more. These models include SWASH, SWAN, ROMS, Delft3D, and junky little hand-coded numbers.


I spend the majority of my coding time within the scientific Python stack. I used to use MATLAB quite a bit; you might find some useful snippets on my codes page. Some of the code I have written as part of my job at the USGS is available on GitHub.


My C.V. is available here (updated April 2017); feel free to email me at dan @ this domain.

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